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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 26, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we're in the mid yefl a fast moving storm >> the stoefrm leaving a messy mark throughout the bay area. >> two investigations have culminated in arrest of three people. i'm michael finney. details are just ahead. >> plus, birds getting an assist from farmers making their way home through the california drought. >> against back drop of the san francisco skyline, a live take a look at winter rain storm now lingering over the bay area. and getting all of us wet.
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good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> it's not exactly a drought buster but the storm is giving parts of the bay area a much-needed soaking. here is a live tour of the bay area camera. you can see the affect it's having tonight. here is another live picture from the south bay. you're getting your share of winter weather this, storm has come in two waves, really. here is spencer christian, another couple hours of this, >> as a matter of fact we can call this beneficial rainfall you can see how wide spread the rain is. and eastward towards fairfield.
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there is more off shore coming our way. we have a wind advisory until 1:00 a.m winds steady at 20-35 miles per hour gusting up to 50 miles per hour at times. 36 miles per hour gusts now at san jose. but look at north bachlt let's start at 7:00 this evening, at which point we'll have wide spread rainfall. we'll see the rain breaking up into showers and by 4:00 sort of a nice break here. in just minutes i'll show you the affect this rain is having on our rainfall deficit. >> now spencer just showed us the rain hitting every corner of the bay area, we got good down
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pours in the city this afternoon. but wettest weather has been north and south of us. we have team coverage of the storm, abc7 news, nick smith and david louie are all live tonight. sergio, let's begin with you in the north bay. >> it's started coming down regularly now in novato people say they're really welcoming the rain, but they're getting ready for any problems that it my bring. >> a full day of rain was a welcome sight. >> a lot of rain this time. we need it. >> stewart rv and boat sales says her boat-selling has just started off. she's hoping more rain now will help with lakes this summer. >> just trying to get back into our really good season.
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this is going to help. >> in heelsberg rains came down enough for decent runoff but russian river is looking shallow. in santa rosa a drizzle prompted people to pull out umbrellas at lunchtime. and this team south of petta luma. with the problems, residents say it's well worth it. >> we need it. >> in mill valley, people suited up for rain, then welcomed the sustained soaking. >> i have a stockpile waiting for the inevitable. >> he's trying to make sure that that doesn't happen again. >> chp making sure this rain
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does not affect the evening commute so far. it hasn't. reporting live in novato, abc7 news >> thank you. here is abc7 news reporter david louie live in the santa cruz mountains david sh you're getting a lot of rain up there tonight. >> this is ground 0 for a lot of the rain we get in the bay area. there has not been major damage caused by the storm. another positive thing, spirits are raised this could help somewhat, with the drought. >> the size of the drought calling into boulder creek was impressive, leaving no doubt this is significant rainfall the dry winter has been difficult for survival of fish and left uncertainty about domestic water supplies early in the ear year. i've seen it rain every day in march. >> so you think this talk was
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premature? >> don't know. >> it rainfall won't come close to matching normal levels. >> we're expecting to see another lynch through the storm tonight then about another two inches thursday night into friday. which brings rainfall projections to 12 inches. bringing us from 20% of normal up to 30% of normal. >> that means water supplies remain tight. >> you think our troubles are over now? >> no. it's dark. >> the rain doesn't take away from giddiness of the moment. >> i'm going to dump in puddles and enjoy it. >> when is the last time? >> earlier today. >> on a more serious note, keep
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in mind rain caused roads to become slippery. so did be careful. on storm watch, david louie abc7 news. >> you can see in this video >> that is the wrong tape. traffic moving smoothly not expecting any problems at this moment but snow will be reaching that area, soon. now turning to nick smith. how severe has the storm been where you are? >> i'm just going to tell you it's slippery wet, and messy. it's something you have to deal with whn the rain starts.
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>> cloudy skies covered oakland. the rain never seemed to stop. >> i'd rather be wet than have a drought >> whether or not we get enough rain remains to be seen but that doesn't mean there aren't serious weather-related issues to deal with. crews work out heavy equipment from this tree for now, staying one step head of the storm they're in the the only agency thinking that way. >> we have our operation staff on heightened alert. >> to make room for fellow riders may have decided because of the rain they'd rather leave driving to someone else. >> make sure you have umbrellas and backpacks on the floor.
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and try to be a bart rider. >> this crew is responsible for clearing drains of back up or debris caught in the runoff. think of this as a big vacuum cleaner on wheels. >> it can help to prevent flash flooding we'll provide latest information on our web site abc7 in oakland, abc7 news >> here is is what it's been like today this, video from san francisco international airport. you can see water as the plains touches down. delays of nearly three hours. no delays today in oakland and alaska airlines set a seattle flight to san jose because of bad weather.
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>> spencer how far will this storm go? >> well, it's going to be helpful. this is what we expect on top of the rainfalling on saturday morning, arigsal rainfall totals will be between 2 and 4 inches 1 to 2 inches in lower elevations as of now, look at how severe deficit still is. santa rosa 17 and a half inch inches below normal for this time of the year. rain coming our way, it's helpful, continuing to reduce little by little this, deficit we're way behind. so we need more rain. >> stay with us throughout the hour. >> here is one titled "singing
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in the rain". >> e mail your pictures and post them on ab seven news facebook page. >> great, thanks there. arizona governor announces her decision that awill yous businesses to discriminate against gays >> six women tell of being sexual assaulted and how they claim let the school let them down. >> one of the bay area's most oscar-nominated movie makers ychl he's up for another academy awards >> we'll watch live doppler seven hd watching the storm throughout the hour. attention monster taco fans!
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>> sheer live doppler seven hd again, we're following the storm for you tonight. the rain is wide spread now. across the bay area. >> sfwus stwus. the governor vetoed a bill that would won't allow businesses to discriminate against gay people. this is from major corporation asks organizations including apple, yelp and arizona super bowl committee. >> i have not heard of an example where religious liberty
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has been violated. >> outside arizona state capitol a crowd chanted. >> 31 current and former uc berkeley filed complaints against the university. they say little was done when they reported being sexual assaulted. the controversy over how uc responds to these and today, six came forward. >> he was a leader in an organization. >> i'm a survivor of a sexual assault occurring less than a year ago. >> in january, 2012 during junior year i was assaulted by a friend and a fellow student. >> one after another, six former and current students told their stories of being sexual assaulted on or around campus. >> i felt angry, emotional,
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violated. >> she says it happened in her dorm, when she was attacked by a man who also lived there. >> my case is open in april, 2013. it's now almost march, 2014. nearly a year has gone by. nothing has been done. >> this week, new chancellor released a statement saying i am fully committed to ensuring we strengthen our protocols in place. and roll out in place. >> this happened to them. >> this would dedicate ab an officer to survivors. >> kind of a one stop shop for the person to be able to go get information they need in the event they're a survivor. >> we're trying to just push action on the part of larger forgeses, the university, federal government, to create an environment where survivors can
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feel like they can ask. >> according to police the number of sexual assaults reported here is about six. they acknowledge that many of the crimes go unreported. at uc berkeley, abc7 news >> police are asking for help tonight searching for three armed robbers expected to strike again, targeting north oakland businesses. police want to you take a look at the photos of the robbers they're suspected of committing up to five robberies plows say the men are armed with guns. here is a look at the third guy. this spree started last friday. police are also looking for a 2007 silver dodge nitro. >> a man facing attempted homicide after police say he intentionally crashed his car into a soun bay house. take a look at this picture from the campbell police department. you can see the front end of the acura flashed into the home on
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westmont avenue. the car has been removed, police say the man was driving with his girlfriend and two young children in the car they went to the hospital with minor injuries. no one was hurt the driver is also facing felony dui charges. >> the countdown to oscar sunday is underway. in hollywood they rolled out the red carpet, literally, for the event sunday, you can see it's not raining at the time. but the storm going to hit us on friday will hit southern california as well. they put up tents and awnings to keep the carpet and stars dry. oscar himself is covered in plastic. abc7 is the only place to see oscars on sunday our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m . go to abc7 and click on countdown to oscar sunday. you'll find a ballot in the my picks section. we cannot allow stars to become wet. >> we can't. >> we can roll out the wet carpet. we've got that here.
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oh, my gosh. >> finally. >> yes. finally. we've been waiting long for this. and happy to have it. here is live doppler 7 hd. we've got rain all over the place may i quote you? rain all over the place from north, south, coast to inland. some of it is quite heavy. pockets of heavy rainfall in the east bay. just north of livermore and east of the area and moving towards discovery bay. livermore received just over a third of an inch in 24 hours, san jess yeah didn't get much either. it has half an inch. how about higher totals? 1.4 inches and nearly an nifrj santa rosa and mount st. helena. rainfall totals increasing as rain continues.
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temperatures now 57 degrees. every location on this panel. san jose, los gatos, half moon bachlt now, a live view at san francisco international airport, from our sfo camera, that is a mouthful. temperatures mid-50s. at santa rosea, napa and fairfield. upper 50s concord and livermore, on we go to a live view. beautiful view of the skyline of san francisco from our exploratorium camera. forecast features, rain, gusty winds tonight. scattered showers tomorrow, and more wind and rain tomorrow night into early friday morning. here is a satellite image. you can see our current storm pushing through continuing to push through. here comes storm two. it's going to bring with it wind and rain. risks of urban flooding meaning ponding on highways maybe backed up drains
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wind damage is a monthedit possibility. a slight possibility of creek flooding and thunderstorms. power outages fairly strong possibility as well. so let's begin our forecast animation at 10:00 tomorrow night. notice right after midnight, stormy weather pushes in quickly by 1:00 friday morning looking at wide spread weather continuing until 3:00 in the morning then, at 5:00 a.m official start of our morning commute, rush hour, we'll see quite a bit of steady rain behind that frontal system. it's going to be a slow commute friday morning. rain tapers into showers. and start to diminish significantly by 10:00 friday night. now, looking at our wind gusts beginning tomorrow night, at 10:00 you'll see fairly strong wind gusts. we get past gusts at 50 miles per hour. gusty friday morning but they'll taper off, winds, by mid morning
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and into middle of the day. overnight tonight, low temperatures into low to mid-50s. tomorrow, highs range from mid-50s to low to mid-60s near the bay ask inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. this unsettled weather continues into weekend. we'll have showers into saturday. meft of the bay area will be drying out saturday sunday, a mainly dry day. we have slight chances of rain on monday, tuesday, and greater than slight on wednesday. so this is good news. >> yes. it is. >> exactly. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> coming up, teen-aged beauty queen with a lesson ononline privacy. >> just ahead.
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>> a beauty queen found ut how crooks with break into a smart phone the 19-year-old says a man took naked pictures of her, he did it by taking control of the web camera on her computer. she is using her high profile position to teach others about online protections >> change your pass word, delete your browsing history, delete your cookies put a sticker over web cam.
7:26 pm
just be cautious. >> she's teeming up with an app that let's you turn offsettings on other apps. to try smart phone users. >> good information. levis is celebrating the birthday of its founder with a gift to charity. levis strauss born 185 years ago today the company announced it's grant supporting causes that strauss supported. edgewood center for children and families. the historian says it's a charity with a long history. >> in 1854 a year after 11 eyes strauss arrived in san francisco he gave his first donations to a local charity. $five to san francisco orphan asylum. today that institute is the edgewood center for children and
7:27 pm
families. >> they plan to give to a charity or cause important to the founder >> good for them. >> yes. >> still head tonight here on abc7 news at 6:00 our storm watch continue was a live report from the peninsula you're getting hit by rain along with everybody else. >> spencer will be here to show what's happening on live doppler seven hd. a lot of yellow tonight as you can see. >> and michael finney reports on at rest of the operators of an east bay food truck. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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another live look at dive doppler hd. there is a storm watch coverage continues with abc7 news reporter vic lee live in east palo alto tonight. vic? >> well, it was raining pretty hard, and now, it's sort of tapered off just a bit. there is a concern because of the creek behind me.
7:31 pm
across the banks over there, there are homes there that are vulnerable. at sfo, 141 flights, cancelled and others deal yied. not a good day for drivers that went too fast on slick roads. >> this one, which is the right of way. it isn't as flat. >> this 85-year-old was getting sandbags from the city. >> weather people have said it's going to be five inches of rain. that is why it's going to get into our garage if we don't get sandbags. >> do you always believe weather people? >> no. but i like them. >> farther south, east palo alto preparing for the worst the city sits on flat land. just in case it's pump station was being prepped to dump more water. they don't want a repeat of this. it flooded houses along banks
7:32 pm
two years ago. ray webb had to leave home. >> we start driving, you know, it's under the wheel well. and cans are floating. real bad situation. >> the winds grew stronger, rain, heavier. >> we have to keep in mind where tides are. if are storms and high tides, we can have significant flooding. >> did you have to keep vigilant because half of east pal yes alto is in a flood zone. >> five seconds. >> that is right. we want to frame it but let's focus on the area just getting pounded and drenched. it's been around south san francisco. it's moving into the central
7:33 pm
part of the city right now. you can see this is the path of the mask of rainfall now moving towards northeast but there are pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the system. this is drenching the region with beneficial rain. >> arrests made in two cases under investigation by seven on your side. >> yes. michael is here now and it's been a busy day. >> it has and there is a lot going on. khalid wilson facing six felonies accused of using a phony contractor's license and fraudulent use of funds.
7:34 pm
prosecutors say took peoples money but didn't complete work. the prosecutors say he continued the same scheme after his release from jail. officers from u.s. marshal caught up with him and arrested him at his home. and i have more arrests to announce tonight. two men who own a food truck and catering business in alameda county face six criminal counts the investigation uncovered an accusations the men made false promises to customers and operated without a license. a landlord won a court order to evict a former tenant for nonpayment of rent the brothers accused by the district attorney's office of false advertising. promising gourmet food but buying it from fast food
7:35 pm
restaurants and retailers. >> we advertise that, that we're getting fresh crab daily like the shrimp, shrimp was frozen. same thing from. costco. just like the clam chowder homemade? it was canned we buy from ranch 99. >> randy worked as a delivery person for gourmet rock stars seven months gourmet rock stars are owned by the brothers. another employee accuses the company of going to nations to buy hamburgers for a catered wedding the couple say they paid for a gourmet meal. >> they were disgusting. >> smashed burgers and under cooked fries. >> the company ran promotions on living social, sending food to customers in las vegas and arizona. another employee says many orders went unfill filled after payment was received
7:36 pm
he said food that was sent off arrived in unhealthy conditions. >> food was spoiling. the box being destroyed and people were being handed a box full of mush. >> former employees tell us they were paid in cash or checks and checks sometimes bounced. the brothers face charges including failure to secure workman's comp and file an unemployment report. >> disney, parent company of abc7 added a new character to its productions. it's the red haired princess merida from the movie "brave". here she is meeting with the director and producer of "brave" at studios in pixar. >> i can't believe now i've grown up to be able to have this wonderful character from "brave"
7:37 pm
going to be on ice. i'll take my family, mark label enjoy it together. it runs tonight through sunday. >> just head local sound wizard hoping for oscar success, again. >> next, how a bay area man leaves the magic of hollywood with sounds from the bay ar
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abc7 is the only place where you can see oscars sunday so celebrate we're giving away free movie tickets for a year, today's winner is steven r. there are five more chance to win. >> like us on and then, fill out the form so we can know how to get in touch with you. >> there are awards for a few things you can't see.
7:41 pm
>> that is right. a four-time oscar winner nominated again for making movie magic using sound. >> in a perfect world you'd be able to follow the story just by listening to themselves. >> no sound by accident in the second movie of hottest series. >> i had recorded sounds since i was a little kid took pictures and recorded sounds. >> chris first studied photography but wound up studying film at san francisco state. his first job? >> saying we need to record this old truck or wind find a windmill. i knew where everything could be found. >> today, he weaves magic of hollywood with the sounds of the bay area. >> what is that creek in
7:42 pm
titanic? >> san francisco maritime museum, one of the ships tied up to a dock. >> that gets me every time. >> students are just learning about sound. >> it's fascinating to see what happens when they realize oh, sound is really more than 50% of the movie. >> this professor worked with him on titanic, now, creating oscar hopefuls >> i think it's every film maker's dream. >> for boise that starts with movies you can remember. >> from king kong, swat waying the planes. you don't want a musician to make that sound but i may and record it. >> feed it into this sampling machine. >> so i can play different
7:43 pm
octob octaves. >> you're floating on a cloud when you get nominated. >> at sky back your ranch in marin county, abc7 news. >> oscar sunday is this sunday only on abc7 z you'll be able to watch on your smart phone with the watch abc app. whether you use or watch on tv, it will give access to what's happening back stage for those behind the scene moments every one will be talking about on monday. >> and stay with us i'll have tonight's assignment seven report. birds my great home through california brought. >> spencer begins with live doppler seven hd and an update on the storm. ♪
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a conservation group has come up with a way to make water go farther in california. it's helping millions of birds
7:47 pm
my greating through california. and it's helping farmers at the same time. 8 million birds per year travel through the central valley. 95% of the wetlands are gone. so a lot of large birds relie on flded rice fields to rest and eat. but the farmers usually drain fields in jarngs meaning there is no habitat for smaller shore birds so a nonprofit has a solution. >> it's neat. >> it starts with a web site called e bird. amateur watchers post their sightings. >> they create this mess tells us when, and where the birds are. >> scientists combine that with
7:48 pm
other information to predict the need for bird habitat we manipulated images. meaning a lot of birds expected but not much wetland available so around february 26th, southwest of chico, you can see now another month, a month later the greater need is going to be here. south of sacramento. >> this is fantastic. >> abc7 went up to a farm and using video to see how the program works. it's an area targeted by a program. >> there is a huge flock in the rice field. >> they come down through
7:49 pm
central valuey and will being for habitats like this. >> it's paying farmers to keep the fields here flooded longer. and they submit bids based on cost. >> it's aa case of win, win. >> it's a huge help to birds that need wetlands, now. 42 farmers created 10,000 acres, critical in a drought year. >> they're a wing and a prayer. >> they say it's cost effective and a good method to create temporary habitat. to contribute we have links under see it on tv. >> spencer is back with an
7:50 pm
update on the forecast and rain we're seeing now. >> yes, we are. around santa rosa, south, down into marin county we've got heavy rain, and bouncing south ward of you can see south down towards boulder creek and other areas we've gt a trail of rather significant rainfall. and approximately one nifrj santa rosa. well over an inch and a half over half an inch in san jess yeah. these are impressive totals. tomorrow, showers continuing after tonight's steadier rainfall.
7:51 pm
here is the accu-weather forecast. second big storm coming in tomorrow night into friday, looking for rain friday, strong winds as well. tapering off to a shower or two, drying out before a chance of showers again next week. >> this is a pattern we've needed >> fans are going to like this. josh reddic in mid form. sports is coming up next. ♪
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>> good evening, we know josh reddic is ready to go. he did the superman routine again twice today the key is getting his batting average up. and eric soguard starts a play. and reddic robbed him of two
7:55 pm
home runs in this game this, is like a 12 foot wall. got a standing ovation. in the game there, he's not a household name. could end up winning baseball face of mlb. this is is a bracket style using twitter. today facing off against jose batista. mike shumann talked with the man behind the glasses. >> eric soguard has to be one of the most unlikely faces in baseball.
7:56 pm
>> they've vetted him into the final four as he knocked out buster posy in runned through. >> you know it's been called mad scientist before. and librarians. his teammates have been supportive. >> this is a knuckle head club house. >> that is how i am. i love being around these guys. joking around. and it's a fun group to be around. >> if you want to vote, tweet. have you until 5:00 a.m on thursday to make him the face of the league.
7:57 pm
>> sharks back from the olympic break they'll play flyers tomorrow. last 23 games like a sprint. >> each team is out a different speed in the standings. some are all, all are desperate. some have fewer games to play w others have more breathing room. >> you can see that and you know where warriors are tonight david lee back had to dunk there bulls outscored golden state by 14. here is jimmy butler.
7:58 pm
currently leading 76-59. it's striking me as watching if you just wear glasses, people think you're smarter. >> yes. it's true. i am -- >> we're running out. >> spencer is a perfect example. right? he appeared smarter. >> thank you. >> we have live team coverage of the storm tonight. >> this is a look at live doppler seven hd. and we'll tell when you the next system will move in plus impact rain had on local neighborhoods. >> well played there. >> yes. >> that is this edition of abc7 news >> from all of us here, have a
7:59 pm
good night.
8:00 pm
>> kenneth, i'm gonna duck uptown and have lunch with my boyfriend. >> yes, ma'am. is that code for some kind of older gal medical procedure? >> no, kenneth. i really have a boyfriend. look. he's handsome and a doctor. >> a doctor? well don't get too attached. as soon as people realize his tonics don't work,


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